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**For two or more quantities of Partial Roll - 144" (12ft), it will be uncut and intact in a singular roll unless requested otherwise. (Ie: 3 orders of Partial Roll - 144" (12ft), you will receive a roll of 432" (36ft) material**

Thickness (Face Only)      3.7 - 4.1 Mil
Thickness (Adhesive)      1.6 Mil
Protective Liner      PET Liner
Release Liner      PET Liner
Adhesive      Low-Tack Solvent Acrylic
Removability      Long Term Low - Tack Removable 
Standard Size Roll      60 In x 65 Ft (60" x 780")
Post-Heat Temperature      79.5 C - 85 C (175 F - 185 F)
Recommended Installation Area Temperature      24 C - 26.5 C (70 F - 80 F)
Flammability      Self - Extinguishing
Storage Period

     2 Years from Manufactured Date

     20 C - 26 C (68 F - 78 F) 50% Humidity

     Indoor Storage

Chemical Resistance

     Resists Most Mild Acids, Mild Alkalis, 

     and Salt

Application Method       Dry Application ONLY


Inozetek Return Policy

To qualify for a return, you must meet these requirements.

  • Return must be within 7 days of receiving your product.
  • Roll must be in the condition that you received it in once returned. If it was unrolled, re-taped improperly or material was cut out of it before returning, there will be NO RETURNS.
  • Roll in its original condition, as well as in its original box, unopened.
  • Shipping costs are exclusive from refunds. (Shipping costs at buyers discretion)

There is no restocking fee if the above requirements are fully met. 


**If you believe the material is defective, email us at with the following:

-High quality Images/Videos of the issues you have encountered.

-High quality image of the batch code located in the core if the roll,

-A detailed explanation of the install process, situation encountered and furthering information after unboxing.**