Inozetek Lava Orange Gloss
Inozetek Lava Orange Vinyl Roll
Inozetek Lava orange Roll
Mercedes AMG GTS Lava Orange Inozetek
Mercedes AMG GTS Lava Orange Inozetek
Mercedes AMG GTS Lava Orange Inozetek


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**For two or more quantities of Partial Roll - 144" (12ft), it will be uncut and intact in a singular roll unless requested otherwise. (Ie: 3 orders of Partial Roll - 144" (12ft), you will receive a roll of 432" (36ft) material**

Thickness (Face Only)      3.7 - 4.1 Mil
Thickness (Adhesive)      1.6 Mil
Protective Liner      PET Liner
Release Liner      PET Liner
Adhesive      Low-Tack Solvent Acrylic
Removability      Long Term Low - Tack Removable 
Standard Size Roll      60 In x 65 Ft (60" x 780")
Post-Heat Temperature      79.5 C - 85 C (175 F - 185 F)
Recommended Installation Area Temperature      24 C - 26.5 C (70 F - 80 F)
Flammability      Self - Extinguishing
Storage Period

     2 Years from Manufactured Date

     20 C - 26 C (68 F - 78 F) 50% Humidity

     Indoor Storage

Chemical Resistance

     Resists Most Mild Acids, Mild Alkalis, 

     and Salt

Application Method       Dry Application ONLY


Inozetek Return Policy

To qualify for a return, you must meet these requirements.

  • Return must be within 7 days of receiving your product.
  • Roll must be in the condition that you received it in once returned. If it was unrolled, re-taped improperly or material was cut out of it before returning, there will be NO RETURNS.
  • Roll in its original condition, as well as in its original box, unopened.
  • Shipping costs are exclusive from refunds. (Shipping costs at buyers discretion)

There is no restocking fee if the above requirements are fully met. 


**If you believe the material is defective, email us at with the following:

-High quality Images/Videos of the issues you have encountered.

-High quality image of the batch code located in the core if the roll,

-A detailed explanation of the install process, situation encountered and furthering information after unboxing.**